People often wonder how picture framing is done, and with some straight forward instruction together with access to professional equipment it can be easily achieved.

Framing is fun and challenging as a hobby, and it can save a lot of money. It is a great option for budding photographers and artists in particular, but there are many different reasons for framing. If you have several things you would like to frame, like travel keepsakes, cross-stitches, or posters to redecorate your home, it makes a lot of sense to DIY and save.

Framed By You provide DIY framing classes for budding enthusiasts. Our courses teach the ability to frame at home in a style that is truly personalised. Not only this, we also provide all the necessary supplies for you to be a framing aficionado at home.


Your Framing Workshop

The Framed by You framing course is designed for absolute beginners, and by the end of a short course you will be able to frame to a professional standard. The best news is that you are then able to continue using our workshop and equipment on an ongoing basis, so you can frame as many things as you want.

More specific information about our classes can be found here, but we welcome any questions or inquiries, so feel free to call us or come in and see us at the workshop in Richmond for a ‘cook’s tour’.

It is also worth noting that there are other DIY solutions for when the framing course is not the most suitable option.

It may be case that you need a very quick framing option, or you only need one or two things done…

Framed By You make a range of quality readymade frames in various sizes that can be purchased on the spot for you to fit your artwork at home. We also have an ‘on the spot’ computer mat cutting service if a mat is required to help the artwork fit the chosen frame.


DIY Framing Supplies

Another option for someone who may already have basic equipment at home and would prefer to do it that way, is to simply purchase the required framing materials over the counter. We carry good stock levels at all times…

Mountboards and backing boards can be purchased by the sheet or part sheet.

Frame moulding can be purchased by the length(s).

Glass can be cut-to-size on the spot.

‘Framing specific’ hardware is also available

See details on upcoming classes or talk to our friendly team on (03) 9427 7772 to book your workshop.