Conservation Framing Melbourne

Conservation framing in Melbourne

Framed by you are experts in preservation and conservation framing of fine art. The use of acid free and archival materials is crucial for the long-term protection of your artwork and at Framed By You, our team of professional framers have extensive knowledge of conservation framing principles.

We use the highest quality archival materials to preserve your artwork from the ravages of time and environmental factors. Acid free backing and tape, conservation grade and rag matboards, UV protected glass and acrylic and conservation framing know-how are all on hand to protect your valuable works.

Reservation and conservation framing of fine art

If your artwork has been damaged, we have close relationships with qualified art conservators who can repair and restore damaged art and advise you on avoiding further damage.

use of acid free and archival materials for conservation framing of fine art


We generally complete all our custom Conservation Framing projects within 5-10 business days. However, we always have the capability to complete your project sooner on request. We’re always happy to work with your requirements.

Custom Framing costs vary according to the size and style of your artwork and of course the materials you choose. The team at Framed By You will aways provide a range of options to suit your art, your budget, and your personal taste.

With over 500 frames on our wall and access to over 2000 more, we understand that choosing a frame can be overwhelming. Luckily our staff have over 60 years collective experience and will help you select a frame that’s perfect for your art, taste and budget.

We make all our frames at our factory here at 190 Church Street, Richmond. Unlike most framers, we do not send your precious artwork off to a factory, meaning it is kept safe and sound at all times.

All our frames are made from timber. Our suppliers source their frame materials from sustainable forests.

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