Q: Can you frame my……?

A: Yes, if it is possible to frame, then we can help you. (Refer our ‘Framing Checklist’ tab)

It’s all possible with the right advice and expertise. After so many years of framing we have seen everything imaginable walk through the door, some more challenging than others. We love a challenge.

Q: How much does framing cost?

A: The complexity of the job and the quality of the materials chosen will determine the final cost. There are basic options available, including pre-made stock frames, for a tighter budget. The great benefit of having a very extensive range of frame options on offer is that we are able to quote from a modest low end price range through to a variety of more elaborate options as required. This also includes high quality and specialty materials for when the protection, preservation and very best presentation of the artwork is most important.

Good custom framing is an investment in your memories and treasured artworks. It provides a very personalised end product that cannot be achieved with cheap, off the shelf frames, and it ensures that the artwork is enhanced and presented in the best possible way.

Q: How long does custom framing take?

A: Custom framing can take from 24 hrs to 2-3 weeks.

Our standard timeframe is 2 weeks/10 working days from booking date, but because we do all our framing on-site, we can easily accommodate more urgent deadlines as required.

Q: Do you stretch canvas?

A: Yes. All our framing is done on-site, and we offer a skilled canvas stretching service, using quality Australian timber stretcher bar. Float frames are also available and are a neat and attractive solution to canvas that has ‘messy’ and untidy side edges or limited excess wrap around. See our picture gallery for examples.

Q: Do you frame footy jumpers?

A: Yes, all the time! Footy, rugby, soccer, cricket, cycling – you name it.

We’ve even framed Kieren Perkins budgie smugglers!

Q: I just need a simple frame, can you help me?

A: Yes. The majority of our framing volume is simple, straightforward stuff.

You still want it to look good and look well framed. We have many basic framing options that will be easy on the wallet as well as the eye!

Q: Can I just have mounts / mats cut?

A: This is one of our specialties! We have a-state-of-the-art computer matcutter so we can easily cut mounts/mats while-u-wait. This is especially handy for pre-existing frames.

More complicated orders may take a little longer, such as an intricate multi-hole layout, or a bulk order, but the turn-around is still very quick.

Computer matcutters deliver absolute perfection – including for extra deep bevel mounts, and for a huge range of different shape openings – such as arches, ovals, hearts, stars, etc.

Q: I haven’t got a clue where to start. How will I know what will look good?

A: No need to worry. A good framer knows how to work through a variety of suitable options that will work specifically for you. It only takes a few questions from us to get a feel for your style and preferences and we know how to match that with framing combinations that will really compliment your artwork. With our large frame range, there will be several combinations to choose from and we will help you work through to the one you are most comfortable with.

It is very important that you are happy and comfortable with your selection, and if you need time to consider and ‘sleep’ on it, we encourage you to do so. All the details of the quote can stay on the system until you are ready, and it’s always okay to change your mind about the best option. We are here to help and to make it easy.